Non Government Schools Registration BoardThe Non-government Schools Registration Board is an independent statutory body whose composition, functions and powers are defined under sections 229, 230 and 231 of the Education Act 2016.

The Board is responsible for the registration of non‐government schools in Tasmania with specific Standards to be met set out under the Education Regulations 2017. These Standards are outlined here.

Fee Schedule   for Registration of Schools (including a System of Schools)

Its primary function is to make decisions on applications for the registration of new non-government schools, and the renewal of registration of existing schools.

The Board is supported by the Registrar, Education and her Office. The Registrar manages the day to-day operations and manages the operational aspects of the regulatory process. Reviews are undertaken by Registration Officers with educational qualifications. A report is then provided to the Registrar who then provides advice to the Board in relation to the school’s compliance with the Standards, and the Board will then make a decision on the registration of the School.

The Board meets on a regular basis to consider matters relating to the registration of non government schools.